Let's enjoy the charms of Shibuya!

Lots of great deals across different genres of activities!

Cashless and ticketless so it is convenient and secure!


SHIBUYA PASS Click here to purchase

A pass that lets you discover the parts of
Shibuya that you don't know about.


Can be used in over30locations

Cashless and ticketless for secure and convenient use!

Save up to 25% off the regular price!

What is the

An excursion pass that can be used at over 30 facilities/stores in the Shibuya area.

This is a service where you can purchase points to get great deals on everything from sightseeing spots to comedy shows, food, bars, and souvenirs.

It is cashless and ticketless, allowing for a convenient and easy way to enjoy Shibuya.

Use the SHIBUYA PASS to discover the parts of Shibuya you didn't know about!

JPY 4,500(11 points)
  • 11 points awarded for a fixed amount of JPY 4,500
  • Can be used in any combination you like
  • Validity period: 30 days after purchase
  • Can be purchased online
  • You can sightsee for less than the regular price, and depending on the combination, you can get up to 25% off!
  • You can purchase whenever you'd like
  • Turn your smartphone into a digital pass without needing to exchange it for a physical pass
  • It can also be used as a source of information about sightseeing facilities


  • *The above is only an example.
  • *The number of points you can use varies depending on the activities/facilities you choose to enjoy.
Recommended for the following people
  • It's your first time coming to Shibuya
  • Since you came all the way to Shibuya, you want to go to a store that the locals visit!
  • You're worried because you don't understand the payment methods or rules
  • You want to experience the culture
  • You haven't made concrete plans
  • You want to go sightseeing at a good price
  • You want to go to places that are not listed in guidebooks!
  • You couldn't enter SHIBUYA SKY
  • You want to enjoy the Japanese bars, clubs, and pubs with peace of mind

Click here for a list of applicable locations Click here for recommended travel itineraries


How to purchase the SHIBUYA PASS

  1. How to purchase 01

    Open the
    "SHIBUYA PASS Sales Page"

    Click here for the
    SHIBUYA PASS Sales Page

  2. How to purchase 02

    Purchase the

    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase

  3. How to purchase 03

    11 points will be awarded on the "WAmazing Play Order Details Page"

    After purchasing the SHIBUYA PASS, the URL of the WAmazing Play Order Details Page will be sent to your registered email address.

How to use the SHIBUYA PASS

  1. How to use 01

    Search for shops and facilities on the WAmazing Play Order Details Page

    Search for the store or facility you want to visit from the list while checking the number of points needed.

  2. How to use 02

    Check the details
    of the store or facility
    you want to visit

    After checking the general description and location information of the store or facility, check the benefits and discounts available and the points used on the menu screen

  3. How to use 03

    Set the number of
    required points

    Set the number of required points depending on the details of benefits and discounts and the number of people

  4. How to use 04

    Confirm points
    to be used

    Check the points to be used and click "Confirm," and a screen that only the staff can operate will appear

  5. How to use 05

    The staff will operate
    the screen

    Store staff will operate the screen to confirm the points to be used and make them available for use

  6. How to use 06

    Ready for use

    After the staff operates the screen, the selected menu or plan will be made available

  1. Validity period: 30 days after purchase
  2. Cancellations, changes, and refunds cannot be made after purchase or redemption of points.
  3. Only one pass can be purchased at a time. Points can be used by multiple people after purchase.
  4. Credit card payment is required when purchasing points. (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX)

Please check here for other precautions.